Trochus Snails
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    Trochus Snails

      Trochus snails are the best algae eaters you can buy for your aquarium. Unlike most snails in the aquarium industry they are from warm tropical waters and thrive in captivity. They are voracious herbivores that will graze on rocks and tank walls alike. Trochus snails have the ability to right themselves when they fall to the bottom of the tank making them less likely to fall prey to predators and scavengers.

      These snails are bred and raised in captivity at our Marshall Island Mariculture Farm facility. It takes approximately 6 to 8 months to reach market size. It is interesting to note that these snails were not always native to the Marshall Islands. They were introduced throughout the Pacific by the Japanese before World War II for the purpose of button making. Buttons are still made from their shells today and their meat is reputed to taste very good which has lead to a decline in population.