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Green Star Polyps Coral, soft coral
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    Green Star Polyps Coral (Soft)


    These are typically yellowish green to bright fluorescent green polyps that are connected to a rubbery purple-ish tissue that grows like a matt on rocks. Large colonies can create dense carpets of them. Greenstar polyps are very, very hardy. They can tolerate low levels of light, but if you put them in high lighting, they will be absolutely stunning. It's also a very popular soft coral for beginners. Greenstar polyps are always on my recommended list. They grow incredibly fast (sometimes too fast), so it's best to isolate it on its own rock or on the sand where it can't grow into other rocks, otherwise it might infest your tank. Whenever these start growing too quickly, I just frag them and sell them, so they're very easy to propagate. They're also photosynthetic, so they require no feeding! They're bright in color, easy to care for, and have awesome flow, making them a great choice!

    Scientific Name
    Pachyclavularia violacea
    Common Names
    starburst polyps, star polyps, and daisy polyps
    Green polyps, white center, purple mat or stolon
    Care Level
    Tank Placement
    Back and side walls
    Flow Rate