Lightning Maroon Clownfish
Lightning Maroon Clownfish
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    Lightning Maroon Clownfish


      The Lightning Maroon Clownfish is known for its intense coloration, displaying an extraordinary one of a kind “Lightning bolt” like pattern. No two individuals look the same and as these fish mature, their coloration and patterns will only become more intense! An adult sized Lightning Maroon with fully mature coloration is a remarkable centerpiece fish for any home aquarium.

      Not only does the Lightning Maroon Clownfish display intense, one of a kind patterns, but they are easy to care for too! Lightning Maroons are great for beginner and small to medium-sized reefs. They are very hardy and well-known for their ability to thrive in home aquariums, making them a great choice for novices and seasoned aquarists alike. 

      •Max size: 6"
      •Temperament: Peaceful to semi-aggresive
      •Diet: Marine pellets - Can also be fed frozen food
      •Anemones: Thrive with or without anemone present and will accept a wide variety of host anemones