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Fritz Aquatics Maracyn Two
Fritz Aquatics Maracyn Two

Fritz Aquatics Maracyn Two

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  • Highly Effective Treatment for Bacterial Infections
  • Effective Against Gram-Negative Pathogenic Organisms
  • Provides Relief From Fin-and-Tail Rot, Dropsy, Septicemia

Fritz Maracyn® Two powder is a broad-spectrum
antibiotic (minocycline) developed for use in
aquariums. Due to its unique properties, it is absorbed
by the fish through the skin. During the prescribed
treatment, the concentration of minocycline in the fish
fluids rises to a therapeutic level and is available to
fight systemic infections susceptible to its action. It is
primarily effective against gram-negative pathogenic
organisms. Internal diseases are more difficult to
detect than external ones and early detection is almost
impossible. Symptoms of clamped fins, general
listlessness, not eating or other unusual behavior can
be caused by internal infections. All suspected
bacterial infections should be treated immediately.

Fritz Maracyn® Two is non-toxic to invertebrates.


First day: Add the contents of two packets per 10
gallons of water. Second through fifth day: Add one
packet per 10 gallons of water.

Repeat this five-day treatment once if needed.

Cloudiness may occur while using Maracyn® Two.

Important: Treat for five days even if visible signs
disappear. May be used concurrently with
Coppersafe®, Maracyn® or Maracyn® Oxy.
Maracyn® Two will not harm invertebrates.

Maracyn® Two may cause excessive foam production
in protein skimmers. Stop use of skimmer during
treatment if excessive foaming is a concern.