Top Saltwater Fish Perfect for Beginners [2021]!

by George Mavrakis on December 08, 2021

You will often hear various opinions on which saltwater fish are best for beginners, but based on my experience, certain fish are “bulletproof” and are better for newbies in the hobby. Here are four saltwater fish that are perfect for those just starting out!


 1. Ocellaris Clownfish ocellaris clownfish top saltwater fish perfect for beginners

Ocellaris clownfish are very hardy saltwater aquarium fish, readily available, and not very expensive. They will accept most types of marine food available and can be very easy to keep. Over time, they may even take the food out of your fingers! Clownfish are now tank-bred, so they are readily available and much hardier than wild-caught clowns.


 2. Banggai cardinal fish banggai cardinal fish top saltwater fish perfect for beginners

Captive-bred Banggai cardinal fish are remarkable looking, with a silver body and vertical black stripes covered in small white spots. This is one of the easier saltwater species to breed. Once introduced, they may hide out for a day or two, but should come out at feeding time. If given hiding places such as live rock, they may become more comfortable and stay out in the open.


 3. Gobies gobies goby top saltwater fish perfect for beginners

You'll find the species in a few different patterns and colors. The two common ones are the diamond or yellow Washington goby. They all live happily with most other species and are adaptable fish that aren't overly sensitive to minor parameter shifts.


 4. Firefish firefish top saltwater fish perfect for beginners

The Firefish is a magnificent fish with brilliant coloration, a unique body shape, and an unparalleled personality. They are considered a great beginner's fish because they are very hardy and should eat most foods offered to them. Firefish will be about 3.5 to 4 inches when fully grown and can be kept in tanks as small as only 10 gallons. These fish are also accomplished jumpers, so do not house one in aquarium with an open top!


To learn more about the best saltwater fish to keep when starting out in the nano reef hobby, check out this video!