The #1 Best Nano Aquarium Kit For Saltwater & Freshwater

by Nev Swingle on November 30, 2021

CoralFish Supplies AIO 12g Nano Tank Kit

A brand new nano aquarium kit is emerging that will soon be the top pick for begginer & expert hobbyists. Want to know what's so special about it? Keep reading.

Why This Kit Will Come Out On Top

George, aka CoralFish12g has grown his educational & entertaining aquatic themed YouTube channel to over 1 million subscribers, so it's safe to say he's well versed in aquariums. Hoping to make his hobby accesable to more people, George has created an aquarium kit that includes all the equipment you'll need to get your tank setup, at a much lower cost than existing kits.
Why experts prefer aquarium kits
Most begginer hobbyists buy all of their tank expirtment seperately which could result in an a tank setup that isn't so pretty. Your lights and other equipment may end up being too big or small for your tank size, making all aspects of the hobby more difficult. Starting off with the wrong supplies not only makes a tank setup look unprofessional, but it can lead to trouble when it comes to propperly heating & filtering your tank. You don't want to make any mistakes with lighting either. Too much or too little light can be detrimental to the survival of your fish, plants, corals & inverts.
Start off on the right foot
Designed with both appearance and functionality in mind, the 12g Tank Kit features a sleek rimless acrylic tank body with a seamless all-in-one component. An all in one (AIO) tank helps your tank display look tidy, keeping all your equipment organized behind an acrylic pannel.
You will also be able to keep plants or corals alive and thriving under the included controllable LED light using the fully customizable blue and white intensity features. With a thin and compact design, the LED light and arm attachment will fit your tank perfectly, creating a beautiful aquarium setup and presence.

The kit includes:

•LED Light - Blue/White Controllable + Arm Attachment

•Return Pump - Controllable

•Custom Media Basket

•Filter Media: Sponges, Bag of Carbon, Ceramic Biomedia

•10 Episode Course - How to set up and maintain with George



Set up your new tank without hassle!

Choose any extra add ons to start your new tank!
You'll receive the perfect amount of sand, rock & other products to get your new tank up and running with ease.



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The first 100 people to order their tank kit will receive the perfect amount of sand, rock and turbo start to get their tank setup for free! ($60+ Value)

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