20 Best Fish For Nano Reef Tanks!

by George Mavrakis on January 13, 2022

1. Ocellaris clownfish

ocellaris clownfish

Clownfish are one of the most popular types of fish to keep in a nano reef. They are very hardy fish and come in a variety of colors and patterns too! These fish are perfect for beginners as they are very easy to care for!


2. Dottybacks

orchid dottyback

These fish are very easy to care for and are great for beginners who are looking for more vibrant fish!

3. Gobies

Gobbies look like small eels and come in a variety of colors. These unique looking fish make a great addition to any nano tank.


4. Cardinals

Cardinalfish are very peaceful in aquariums and can be kept in schools.


5. Angels

These peaceful fish are very hardy and do not grow bigger than a couple inches. They add a pop of color to your aquarium and are reef safe!


6. Lyretail Blue Gudgeon Dartfish

This fish is easy to care for and be kept in larger nano reefs (about 30+ gallons). Its' thin body grows to about 6 inches in length, so as long as your reef has enough swimming room, this fish is a great addition!


7. Dragonets

These eye catching fish will add a pop of color to your nano reef! They prefer low water movement and can be a great fish for your tank. They do have special dietary requirements however, so research how to feed them properly!


8. Blennies

Blennies are shy fish that do best in tanks with lots of hiding spots! They have very unique habits and can be fun to watch!


9. Assessors

Coming in multiple colors, these fish are very striking and easy to keep. A great fish for any tank!



10. Fire Fish 

This fish can be skittish and will not get along with other fish of its own species. It will get along with other fish in your tank though. These fish are also known to jump, so keep a lid on your tank!



11. Tire Track Eel

These fish can be great for nano reefs, however they will need more room as they get bigger!



12. Yellowhead Jawfish

This fish is very playful and loves a good place to hide! It will get along with your other fish and look for hiding spots!



13. Basslet Fish

This fish will get along with fish that are a similar size to it. It will become territorial with fish of its same species, so there must be hiding spots for it in your tank.



14. Clingfish

Clingfish are a very cute fish, but they need to be fed a meat only diet, which can be a lot of upkeep.



15. White Banded Possum Wrasse

This fish can be very shy, but will get along with other fish. They do not usually grow over 3 inches and prefers to eat live food but will also eat frozen food or flakes.



16. Helfrichi Firefish

This fish will typically be happier in tanks 20 gallons or larger. It is a very peaceful fish and will get along with fish of a similar size to it, but will not get along with members of its own species.



17. Pygmy Coral Croucher Goby

This fish is very friendly. It is also a venomous fish that can sting you or any other fish or inverts in your tank.



18. Flameback Angelfish

This fish can be aggressive towards corals overtime will need a tank size of 55 gallons or larger as it grows. It can also be aggressive towards other fish if it doesn't have enough places in the tank to hide.



19. Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby

This fish is relatively peaceful and enjoys frozen foods or flakes.



20. Captive Bred Lemon Damsel

This fish will get along with members of its own species, but it can become aggressive with members of its own species so it's best to keep only one in your nano reef tank. This fish will not bother other fish or corals!